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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DAILY CHALLENGE - Feb 01, 2011


f. Ben Pleasance

A 1hb collab with me and ben pleasance.. was going to drop some harmonies in it, but I ran out of time... i really like the depth of this one! He sent me a couple loops to mess with, I hope i took it in a direction he didn't expect!

with this one, i tried to capture that moment between concious and unconciousness.. and how sometimes you can be put to sleep by thinking about the thing that's keeping you awake. letting your mind trail off...

& A studio update. the place is painted and everything is set back up, all that is left is final touch (most expensive) type stuff.

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My name is Elijah Lucian from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

This is my sketchbook.

My 1 Hour Challenge will be to post beats/sketches that I spend no more that - you guessed it - 1 hour on. I'm going to try things I don't usually try. The Challenges will have the dates in the header of the post. The main idea is to capture the raw creativity of the musician, which usually occours during that first hour of "flow"

Part of the daily challenge will be to do specific genres so if you want me to take a stab at a certain style drop me a message. The mixes will be interesting, the productions may be srange, the arrangements may be erotic, who knows what will happen!

I hope to have guest singers and instrumentalists in sometimes too to mix it up. so let me know if you want to come over and take the 1 hour challenge!

Also If any singers/emcees come across this page and one of the beats inspires you, contact me about licensing out final versions of the beats!

my actual productions can be found in the player below or here:


some videos and tutorials:

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